Thermal spraying is an industrial coating method that continues on a heat source. In this process coating material in a powder form, which is melted into tiny droplets and sprayed onto surfaces at high speed?

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Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal spraying is the procedure by which a covering is connected to a material by means of the covering material being warmed until it ends up liquid and after that being splashed onto the substrate where it hardens and securities upon contact shaping a steady and hard wearing covering. There are various preferences (alongside certain detriments) to warm shower coatings which are definite beneath.

Advantages of Thermal Spray Coating

  • Wide range of coating materials – there is a vast array of different materials which can be turned into high quality coatings via the thermal spray process. These can include; metal, alloy, ceramic, plastic and polymer and can be in the form of powder, rod or wire. The coating material can be specifically selected for each individual substrate and the job that it has to do and so a near perfect match can often be made between the two.
  • Wise variety of substrate materials – as long as the material to be coated can withstand the heat of the thermal spray process then almost any material can be coated using this method. However there are also a number of specific spray coating methods which in fact use much lower temperatures and so the range of substrate materials is even further increased.
  • Extends the lifespan of the substrate – a strong and efficient thermal spray coating will extend the lifespan of that substrate by providing an effective barrier against erosion, decomposition and other forms of surface damage. Thermal spraying allows much thicker coatings to be applied (often up to 10mm) in higher deposition rates than other coating methods, which provide a much more effective barrier against wear and tear.
  • Reduced cost – in many cases repairing an object by applying a thermal spray coating to it is much cheaper than completely replacing it. Also thermal spray coatings tend to be much more efficient and waste less of the coating material than with other methods so are a much more viable option when more expensive coating materials are involved.