Silicon Metallizing is recognized as an affluent entity and one of the leading manufacturer of PU products. We specialize in providing excellent quality Polyurethane Tubes with good flexibility, which is also known as PU Tubes in market. At our manufacturing site, Polyurethane tubes are available in custom diameters, lengths, hardness and colors.

Our manufactured PU Tubes are made from polyurethane thermoplastic compound that has the best combination of both plastic and rubber properties. We can also provide custom moulded PU Tubes that perfectly meets your all requirements. PU Tubes are mainly used for pneumatic & hydraulic power system for conveying or transmitting pressurized fluids to various mechanical components.

Offered PU Tubes including all Polyurethane (PU) Components has good stretch ability like rubber, abrasion and chemical resistance that is superior to the PVC. Our highly trained and experienced engineers can create good quality products that are suitable for use across many industries for various applications.

Here are mentioned some benefits of our manufactured PU Tubes:

  • These are generally developed for meeting energy related applications that involve oil and gas drilling.
  • These PU Tubes are recognized as flexible and effective solutions.
  • They are preferred alternative to metal, rubber and plastic.
  • Manufactured unbeatable quality of Polyurethane tubes are light weighted as compared to the aluminum.
  • Offered PU Tubes has excellent features such as fantastic resilience, rebounding back to their original shape and more effectively than metals or plastics.