Silicon Metallizing is happy to offer the best Urethane Wheels in the industry. As each type of polyurethane wheel has their different advantage. Compared with other Polyurethane Rollers Sleeves, wheels, polyurethane wheels are much more quietly working. After all, no noise pollution and generate some comfortable working atmosphere. Load-bearing capacity in Urethane Idler Rollers Polyurethane Wheels is much better than others. It comes with a higher bearing load and makes work more effective. Comparatively Polyurethane Wheels has more friction to help sturdiness. Sometimes when rolling heavy loads on finished flooring, you need to know the wheels won’t damage the floor. Urethane Idler Wheels care for that 100%. Urethane wheels are proper for hard situations where they might expose to oil, grease, salt, blood, or harsh chemicals. All kind of Polyurethane Wheels available in a wide collection at Silicon Metallizing. It is nearly working with any application with full capacities. Polyurethane wheels are full of functionality like an excellent shock absorber, noise reducing, rollability, sturdiness, and high-speed.

Polyurethane wheels cover some applications like:

Automotive, Foodservice, Aerospace, Material handling, Hospitality, Office buildings, Schools, and restaurants.

Here’s what we offer:

Solid Urethane Wheels, Urethane on Iron Wheels, Hyperflex 80A Wheels, Extra glide 70D Wheels, Urethane on Aluminum Wheels, Torus Wheels, ESD Wheel, Automotive Wheels, Omega Wheels, Ultra Thick Urethane Wheels, Whisper Wheels, Ultra-Ride 80A Wheels, Ultra-Roll 70D Wheels, Urethane on Polypropylene, Urethane Solid Wheels.